Fire Safety Museum of Taipei City Fire Department
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4F- Fire Prevention Education
This area is equipped with different kinds of fire alarms, smoke exhaust fans, and computer simulations to teach you about alarm and fire prevention system installed in buildings. You can also practice the procedure for alerting people about a fire and learn how to check for gas leaks in a home. By practicing operation the equipment here, you might become a firefighter too.

All panels of alarm and fire prevention system in fire prevention education room

photos of  alarm panels

Fire prevention and alarm panels

Disaster Prevention and Safety Conference Room

Gas examination measures

Gas examination measures

4F- Fire Prevention Technology
This area demonstrates interactive high-tech fire prevention and safety networks. Come and experience the newest technology and learn how they will help you to prevent a fire.

New high-tech fire prevention products G
1.Flame detectorG
GUsing microcomputers to sense the unique infrared and ultraviolet rays of a fire to sound an alarm, even when the fire is far away.
2.Digital monitoring systemG
GAn all-in-one system, including digital remote control monitoring and recording.
3.HFC-23 fire extinguishersG
GUsing environment-friendly HFC-23 to put out fires with a high-speed spray. There are more new technology products for you to come and try.

Fire prevention technology area entrance

Fire prevention technology area entrance

Left side of this area

Left side of this area

Right side of this area

Right side of this area

4F- High Capacity Automatic Emergency Ladder
When you are escaping from a fire in a building, you can use the descending device, or stars or what else? Have you ever noticed a new emergency ladder? Its not common in Taiwan yet, and this museum has one for people to try.

High Capacity Automatic Emergency Ladder

Emergency Ladder

Approaching the first floor, after one step you will reach the floor.

Emergency ladder drill operation

There is a safety stage and an alarm on every three floors.

Show there is a safety stage and an alarm on every three floors

4F- Fire Fighting Exercise
There are 4 types of fires :
Class A fires are those which result from materials that generally leave behind ash. The most common sources of Class A fires include wood, paper, cloth, or plastic.
Class B fires are those which result from flammable liquids such as gasoline, oil, grease, or acetone. These materials will generally boil or bubble when ignited.
Class C fires are caused by electrical equipment and require a current. If the source of the blaze is plugged in, it is probably a class C fire.
Class D firesresult from metals like potassium, sodium, aluminum, or magnesium.

Animated fire extinguishing simulation area

photos of Fire simulation operation

Extinguishing fires

photos of extinguishing simulation area

CO2 extinguisher

photos of Fire extinguisher

4F- Smoke Exposure Area
The first thing you see during a fire is smoke. What is smoke? Smoke is the collection of airborne solid and liquid particulates and gases emitted when a material undergoes combustion. According to statistics of deaths from fire, most people die because they breathe too much smoke. Smoke inhalation is the primary cause of death in victims of indoor fires. Smoke kills by a combination of thermal damage, poisoning, and pulmonary irritation caused by carbon monoxide, hydrogen cyanide and other combustion products.
This area uses a machine to make smoke to simulate the smoke during a fire, and teaches you how to escape.
Welcome to Fire Safety Museum!!
Fire Safety Museum Charater